All three played in the NFL.

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Posted at 1:11 am on May 27, 2019

Many great QBs never played in a NC game. Kyler Murray for example. Mahomes. Many QBs who played in NC games never sniffed the NFL. Tony Rice and Golson, for example. Some outstanding college QBs never did either of those things, . . Kevin McDougal, for example. Seems like you are just venting about ND not winning a NC. We’re all bummed about that. But ND has recruited highly rated QBs, . . some haven’t panned out and some lesser rated ones have turned out pretty good. Would we all like to get a Lawrence to ND? Sure. But those guys are few and far between. For every Lawrence, there is a Blake Barnett. To get a great college QB, you have to recruit well and be a little lucky. Jurkovec was the #4 rated dual threat QB. Top tier recruit, for sure. Will he pan out? Hope so. Hope he’s a Kyler, not a Blake. Will ND’s 2021 QB (who is a top 100 recruit overall) be the next Montana? Maybe. Or maybe not.

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