USC got its endowment boost when C.L. Max Nikas was Pres...

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Posted at 2:24 am on Jun 10, 2019

He was kicked out a few months ago when it became apparent he was corrupt, lying ahole, who coverd up the scandals at the med school. Nothing indicates that USC will be in any position to continue getting the money they did under the new Pres's regime, who has to fix the school's rep before she can go any further. Add to that, they dumped $750 million in a the University Village, or whatever the hell it's called, which is only one of the building boondoggles they took on debt to create.

Where it gets really bad is the med school, where they lost accreditation for one of their most important fellowship programs. How they're going to keep getting NIH/NSF grants, donations, or corporate sponsors, when the complete fallout from the med school scandals hasn't been solved yet, is one of the biggest problems going forward. That, and The Washington Post reported that uni college endowment returns are the lowest in ten years. From memory, most endowments need an 8% return to be considered efficacious. Having a large endowment isn't important if they're not getting the returns, and given the ridicule and revelations of administrative corruption, it's hard to believe they'll get anywhere near the money they recieved prior to all of this mess. For fuck's sake, this clown school is under criminal investigation by the FEDS. Yeah, try coaxing money outta billionaires with all that happening.

Point is, USC grew way too fast, tried to get better academic credibility to offset its rep as a party school with an elite football program attached. They've fallen from grace, and, while they may become playoff team again, it remains to be seen just how long they'll be able to keep that going. Probably not as long, but we'll see...

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