Was the Connecticut loss a wake up call?

Author: Curly1918 (2205 Posts - Joined: Aug 30, 2017)

Posted at 7:10 pm on Dec 6, 2018

At least the women now have a few things to work on.

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I doubt it, 18 point loss at home

Author: cubsfanin16 (651 Posts - Joined: Aug 25, 2016)

Posted at 9:45 pm on Dec 8, 2018

99 times out of 100, means the better team won..

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I think it does

Author: subwaytom (960 Posts - Original UHND Member)

Posted at 7:56 am on Dec 9, 2018

Close game until the Technicals and not likely to happen again.
Maybrey missed multiple open threes: just getting back into playing shape.
And unlikely CT Freshman goes off a second time.
I'll take the Irish straight up on the rematch

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I hopefully agree, unless that Conn freshman is another Skylar Diggins which she looked like

Author: THEISMANCARR (9215 Posts - Joined: Aug 10, 2007)

Posted at 10:56 pm on Dec 9, 2018

against us. Confident leadership.