The more I watch Dexter Williams, the more I see Tony Dorsett.

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Posted at 1:52 am on Dec 7, 2018

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Oh no. Love Dexter, but he is nothing like Tony Dorsett in my opinion

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Not nearly as fast or as Ara said, skinny. Ara did not want him, not that I know if he could have

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Posted at 8:49 am on Dec 7, 2018

gotten in.

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Not a recruiting target for ND

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Johnny Majors had just come to Pitt and wanted to run a veer offense. Am guessing that his agility as a back more than offset his lack of size when they were recruiting.

Another factor that is explained in the link was that JM got Pitt to authorize more a less an unlimited number of scholarships for the class he was part of. Doubt if they would admit to this but think he was a potential "diamond in the rough" selection. Am guessing a lot of the players they took missed "the cut" for successful programs of the day as being good but not good enough potential.

He definitely was not the kind of back Ara recruited in the 70s even if eligibility was not an issue. He wanted backs that could execute his offense: motion to spread the D and double teaming at the point of attack with a back that could gain yardage after being hit. If he were a big as say Eric Penick that would have been a different story.